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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Under what title should you choose our company?
Whether as a merchant, a self-employed worker, an organization or even a company or individuals, your projects are ours.


Why choose Baak Design?
You can confidently delegate your tasks in terms of managing your Website to us. Our professional team is ready to meet your occasional or regular needs and only pays for the work carried out. As an external service, an assistant will set the rates for you most often by means of a quote. These rates are always the best suited to your needs.

What are the advantages?
Professionalism - Competence - Honesty - Confidentiality - Economy
– No charge related to hiring,
– No administrative formalities,
– No time commitment,
– No waiting, no stress,
– No material charge.
No contract, no obligation!


What is the cost of a project?
As an external service, our costs are reasonable and competitive. Our hourly rate is always established according to your budget, your needs and according to the time spent. In any case, no contract, no obligation!


How to invoice the work done?
Our billing is based on the actual time spent for the work required while respecting its fair value.


What are the billing methods?
The invoicing methods offered by Baak Design and generally requested by our customers are the following:
- Invoicing by time spent (Fixing of an hourly rate agreed in advance with the client and invoicing according to time spent). This will avoid unpleasant surprises while respecting the client's monthly budget. This mode is convenient for customers who have long-term service, remote, multi-tasking, etc.
- Invoicing on time related to the task.
- Invoicing at a flat rate which will take place at the end of the required work (punctual, precise work and within determined deadlines).


What is the billing frequency?
-Once a week or
-Once a month.


What are the guarantees?
- Compliance: The performance of the delivered project will comply with the highest standards.
- Accessibility and usability: Your project will be tested, thus ensuring the best possible accessibility.
- Respect of deadlines: The delivery of your project will be carried out within unavoidable deadlines.
- Respect of budgets: The total and/or fixed cost for the realization of your project will be determined during the submission.
- Complete satisfaction during the realization of your project.


What sources should be provided?
All documents or instructions must be provided by the customer by email, fax, telephone or mail. Once the work is done within the deadline, Baak Design will send you the work done by email, CD or any other medium according to your request.

How do you know if your business is trustworthy?
Our office has existed for over 20 years, which allows us to serve our clients from the greater metropolitan area and across Canada.
Thanks to our knowledge of website management and our expertise in search engines, we are able to develop an effective marketing strategy for your website.

How do I contact your company if my question is not answered here?
You can always write to us or call us at 514-243-1757 and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

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