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Hi, My name is A. Nas.

Welcome to our blogs page ''Tips, tricks and best practices'' that talks about everything and the Web.  Writing is a pleasure!

​I am a Management Assistant. My mission is to take care of administrative, accounting and office tasks with more than 15 years of experience. Fascinated by Psychoeducation and I also have a passion for Content Creation while pursuing my career in the field of Management, Updating websites as well as Writing Content on the Web to assist businesses growing.

About me

Dear readers,

I want to share with you my personal and professional experiences as well as all my research full of tips, tricks, and best practices. These could be useful to you and make your daily life easier.

The choice of profession, which I always wanted to be, was a nurse. It is a profession that requires motivation and a love of helping others. To practice this profession, candidates must have motivation, heart and courage. But ultimately, it was not my final choice, because I did not have the financial means at the time to fulfill this vocation. Over the years, I have understood that by possessing these qualities, life does not stop because of an unrealized career choice.

Student fascinated by Psychoeducation and its impact on the developmental trajectory of human beings since the summer of 2020. The objective of my university studies, in this field, is to prevent and intervene with people with psychosocial difficulties. Holder of a college diploma in updating office automation. I worked in this field for about fourteen years. At the same time, I continued my university studies in the Business Management program (1st cycle) for which I have a Certificate.

Joyful by working, studying, reading and writing constantly, these are my qualities. Moreover, watching my children grow up and study with perseverance feeds me the most. In short, my family as well as my professional experiences play an important role in my inspiration for this blog.

I would like to end by highlighting the extraordinary people who surround me, inspire me and who also help me build this page. Writing is a pleasure and life is not over yet, it is in full bloom... 


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